Thursday, October 23, 2008

Office Max & Avon

Last night Aurora and I went to Office Max to exchange an ink cartridge that she bought on Saturday. Simple easy task right? WRONG!! The evening blew up with a "manager" that has no understanding of the words "customer service". He ended up calling me a liar! And I was NOT lying about anything.

Here is the story. We were there on Saturday to purchase ink to use while printing Aurora's art prints from the Etsy store that I helped her set up. The guy at the store gave us incorrect information about the we ended up purchasing one that was different from the one we wanted. Therefore we only needed a simple exchange.

We waiting in line, then asked the girl behind the counter to exchange out UNOPENED ink. Problem was the Aurora had throw away or misplaced the receipt. Shouldn't be a problem since it was just an exchange RIGHT?

The girl behind the counter said that she would need a managers approval. She called the Manager on duty to the front of the store and explained the situation. He simple said "No" when I started to question him he rudely said "Goodbye" as we were walking away. How rude. Well I wasn't going to stand for that, even if he couldn't do the exchange, there was no need to be so rude.

I called Office Max Customer service from the parking lot, where the woman on the phone politely asked me to go back inside the store and hand the person behind the counter my phone. I did as she asked and the guy who got on the phone called the manager again. When the clerk attempted to hand the manager the phone he said "I am not talking on a cell phone, tell her to call the store".

Okay fine! I told the person from customer service what was said and she asked for the store number, that ended up in getting three different numbers from three different people. Finally I said "I think she just needs the branch number" which I finally got for the woman, as she has all the stores on speed dial. She called the store and asked the manager to simply look up our receipt, which the woman had assured me that the store could do if it was purchased in the last two weeks, which it was.

Homeboy didn't like this much, so he told us he would go and look for the recipet and asked what day it was that we purchased it. I gave him the date and time and he disapearred. To which I quickly said "He is going to come back out and say that he can't find it." He didn't even ask what name the card was under!

He returned about 25 minutes later saying that no one purchased that item on Saturday, which I know to be untrue because I went through the check out line with Aurora, ON SATURDAY. I said that wasn't true and he continued to say that it wasn't purchased. To this I said "I don't appreciate you saying that I am a liar" to which he said "Then you shouldn't be one"

Are you FREAKING kidding me? Oh hells no. I asked for his name, to which I got a business card (ohh big shot so proud he had an office max card) I then ended up BACK outside the store on the phone with customer service. I gave them all of the information and they apologized and assured that a report would be sent to his district manager asap, and that I would be contacted.

How dare he call me names?
Is this the end of my office max shopping career? My husband LOVES office supply stores and has spent more money in there over the past few years then I even care to calculate.


Anyone else had a similar experience? One that just left you asking yourself what happened? A simple transaction that has gone terribly wrong?

In good news for the night I picked up my first Avon brochures! I am headed back to get some more at lunch today! Woo Hoo! Please let me know if you would like one mailed to you, or want to order online etc. I am super excited and can't wait to place my first orders!

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Aurore said...

Still in shock that this happened.