Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Agenda

I have been bad at keeping up with livejournal...however in the last couple of days I have decided that I have a couple of things to say..so I will say them here.
I won't allow the wonder of Google Reader to take my voice.
Okay. The not so politically correct post.
Politics, such a very personal thing. I am so glad that people feel so strongly about their beliefs, opinions and endorsements....however..
My political views don't seem to match with many of the people I keep company with. To me this isn't really a problem, I don't need to agree with your politics just to be your friend, that is the greatness, or at least part of it of living in the United States. Here is the issue.
While I feel like I am, or at least strive in great ways to be TOTALLY accepting of others view, tolerant of their lifestyles and generally supportive of their rights to their own views, I don't feel that I get the same in return in many cases. This of course does not apply to everyone, but the majority seems to be that I am expected to swallow their degrading talk and non Humorous jokes, but in return If I were ever to do anything similar, it is simply intolerable.
What is right about this? We are both allowed our views, so why do I need to hear your completley inappopriate comments about someone just because you think that you are "right"
I am glad that you think that you are right. That is what beliefs are all about, but I don't shove mine down your throat, so please don't do it to me.
I am fine with having a political discussion, as long as we are able to discuss politics, instead I find myself hearing things such as "that is f***ing stupid" or that person is a "F***ing idiot" How mature is that?
The sad thing is that I am forced to listen to many of these comments because they are made in my place of employment. Apparently complaining does no good.
So all I really ask is, If you are being immature and judgmental, don't. Especially when I take great care to not treat you in such a way.
This political drama has been driving me crazy. Either talk like an adult, or keep your insults to yourself.
Also. Don't talk to me about it at work. I should be able to get through the work day without hearing roaring laughter and disgusting comments about anyone.
I suppose that is it for now.
In ending. Grow Up people.

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