Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outback & Sewing

New update.
Tonight I vow to pull out my little sewing machine that could and get sewing. I have fabric, I have buttons, and I have the will.

I found a sewing machine at Walmart that I want SUPER bad. It is just a simple Brother 50 stitch, but so glamorous compared to what I have. I may be slow at the knitting I have started, but maybe sewing is my "thing" that is so little j.

The avon selling has been going really well. I like it much more then I thought I would, whenever I get a new order and stop to input it I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Strange since I really haven't done much.
I have even gotten a couple of recruits, which is awesome. Now I just worry about keeping my sales up. I have to meet a minimum to qualify for a percentage of my recruits or "downline" sales. If anyone has any ideas or tips please feel free to let me know!

Etsy is doing well, it has slowed down a little bit with an order or two a week, but still fun and exciting. I am hoping that it will pick up a little before the holidays.

Tonight is dinner at Outback with my grandparents, my two favorite people in the world (besides my husband of course). Is is their wedding anniversary (53 I think?)And somehow we have a tradition of me going out to dinner with them for it! So silly but fun. I do love to spend time with them. Last year Chad and I went. Good times.

I am ready for the weekend. Sleep, more sleep and a possible Ren Faire. Weekends never are quite long enough.

Also grateful for the headphones to keep me out of office BS.



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